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Groton Police Log Week of June 8 2020

Groton Police answered 754 calls for service during the second week of June.
     There were 3 car crashes this week; 1 was a car vs. deer, sadly the deer did not make it, but the operator was unharmed. One was a single car crash clipping a parked car. The last crash was a 2-car crash where 1 vehicle did not yield to right-of-way. Officers investigated 5 motor vehicle complaints, 2 recreational vehicle complaints, and 6 suspicious persons calls. Five parking tickets were issued, and 19 vehicles were stopped for varying motor vehicle offenses.           
Emergency responders received 10 medical calls, with all patients requiring transport to the hospital.
     We saw a spike in fraud calls this week, with 15 people reporting unemployment fraud. Please see our Facebook post on this topic from June 10th for more information.
The following is a summary of some of these calls.
• Juvenile Moose On the Loose Near Flo Ro
     Monday June 8 At 9:02 AM, an officer on patrol sees a juvenile moose coming out from the track behind Florence Roche Elementary School and across Champney St.
• Rider-Less Horse Loose
     At 12:01 PM, resident calls about a loose horse running down the street. The caller told dispatch that the rider had been thrown, but was not injured. Thye explained that the horse had been spooked by something, threw the rider and took off down the road. Officers were able to locate the horse near-by and the horse was brought back to the stable.
• Impromptu Parade Gets Police Assist
     Tuesday June 9 At 4:05 PM, dispatch receives a call about a birthday party drive-by parade. Officers assist with leading the parade for the resident.
• A Smoldering Pile of Much
     Wednesday June 10 At 12:45 PM the communications center receives multiple calls about a smoldering mulch pile. The exact location of the brush fire varied with each caller. Officers were able to locate the smoldering mulch and GFD is able to extinguish the fire quickly.
• Case of the Missing Fish Lure
     Thursday June 11 At 8:32 PM, officers are dispatched to the boat launch. It is reported that there are a number of parties out on the boat launch after sunset. Upon investigation, the parties are 3 youths who had lost a fishing lure earlier in the day and had returned to look for it before dark.
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