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Proposal To Include Holocaust & Genocides In Curriculum [H566]
     The Education Committee is considering a proposal that requires every school district to include in its curriculum a unit of instruction on the Holocaust and genocide. It provides that these topics will be taught in middle school and/or high school with the specific grades to be decided by the local authority.
     "Education is key to combating hatred and by including genocide in the curriculum students will have the opportunity to explore how stereotypes, prejudice, and religious and ethnic hatred can escalate to atrocity,” said the bill’s sponsor Rep. Jeff Roy (D-Franklin).          “Inclusion of genocide education also seeks to deter indifference to crimes against humanity and human suffering wherever they may occur. It has been said that no problem in the world poses the question on what it means to be human quite like genocide, because genocide is not simply about killing people, but about destroying humanity.
Lower Tolls During Off- Peak Hours [S 2033]
     The Transportation Committee held a hearing on legislation requiring the state to design and implement a statewide program for transponder users that charges toll rates that are different depending on time of day and are at least 25 percent lower during off-peak hours. Supporters say the bill is designed to encourage motorists to travel during off-peak hours and days.
Proposal To Give Voting Rights to Some Businesses In Local Municipal Elections
The State House Committee on Election Laws held a hearing on several bills including giving cities and towns the option to allow local business owners who pay the community more than $1,000 in taxes to vote in local municipal elections (H 3650); establishing a pilot program to provide for convenient voting via smart phone for military personnel, their families and civilians stationed or working abroad who are allowed to register and vote (H 3763); and requiring voters to show identification at their polling places in order to be allowed to vote (H 658).
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