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Yet, ‘Merry Christmas’ Offends?

Dear Editor:

   We recently read your brief editorial-where no stand was taken- rather,  you simply printed Mr Woodlock’s well written response to those that objected to the “ Merry Christmas “ being obliterated from the Rock by the “Administration.”

   It is a challenge to please everyone in our society, no doubt about it. However a Pew Research Foundation (a non partisan independent trust)  study found that 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. “ Yes, it’s true that Jesus was a religious figure and a historical figure who has been around for 2000 years.

  What is really astonishing that “Merry Christmas” would offend someone? We are certain that if peaceful symbols of a Star of David or symbols of Islam or Hinduism were painted on the Rock and were similarly deemed to be offensive to the community at large, then painted over, there would be a hue and cry from the assembled masses. Not so of Merry Christmas.

   Yet, Merry Christmas offends ?

    There’s a US flag in front of GDRHS that says to us that we are free to express ourselves in a peaceful manner. A greeting of Merry Christmas cannot possible offend this community and if it does, there’s something seriously wrong with it.

Kevin R. O’Malley


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