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Williams Barn: A Glimpse of Mid-1800’s Farm Life

To the Editor:

   The Williams Barn Committee would like to thank all the volunteers who took part in the annual third grade field trip to the Williams Barn and the Sawtell Schoolhouse on Chicopee Row.   

   On June 4 and 5, students from Florence Roche Elementary School began with a visit to the one-room Sawtell Schoolhouse hosted by Celia Silinonte and Alice Cary. We are very grateful to Larry Lickteig for his memorable presentation as an 1800’s schoolmaster.  

   At the Williams Barn, students from Florence Roche and Swallow Union were given a glimpse of mid-1800’s farm life. This annual event is organized and presented by the Groton Woman’s Club with opening remarks by 12th generation Williams family member, Leo Wyatt. Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this educational opportunity possible: Marie Melican, and Wendy Jones (Butter making), Lois Berge and Tracey Molaskey (quilting), Ann Krajewski, Andrea Burrier and Myra Lockett (Toys and Games), Edie Tompkins, Carly Detwiller and June Cloutier (Music) and Ingrid Belitsky (Timekeeper).  Special thanks as well to Uwe Tobies (timber framing) and Jock Snaith (coopering) who generously volunteered their time and knowledge of colonial craftsmanship.  

   Finally, we would like to thank all the 3rd grade teachers at Florence Roche and Swallow Union Elementary Schools for their ongoing dedication to this program, especially Zoann Guernsey and Jennifer Marino.

   The field trips are an example of the services that the William Barn Committee and the Groton Woman’s Club provide for the people of Groton. Please join us at the Groton Farmers Market, which begins on Friday, July 5 at the Williams Barn from 3-7 pm.

The Williams Barn Committee

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