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We Have All Benefitted From Her Solid Record

With these troubled times we are now facing, we as residents cannot place our future in the hands of anyone inexperienced to navigate our legislature. We need leadership and experience and without this, we will lack focus and forward movement. Being a long-time resident of the first Middlesex District of this Commonwealth, I firmly believe that current State Representative Sheila Harrington is our best and only choice moving forward in this district and we need to ensure she is reelected in November.
   With her work on the Joint Committee of the judiciary, Sheila Harrington has been an integral voice in bills presented on protecting the Commonwealth from dangerous persons, preventing sexual abuse of children and youth, protecting free-speech through the anti-slaap law, protecting electronic privacy, an act on treatment for substance abuse not imprisonment and fair treatment of employees within the Commonwealth to name only a few.
     Her work and determination that these and other bills are represented fairly, and her constituents benefit from these bills, has always been her primary focus. Sheila's non-partisan approach points to another one of her many strengths: she works for the people and not biased in any way by a political party. In many meetings I have personally had with Sheila, she always leans toward collaboration rather than rest on political views and this collaboration is always in the best interest of her constituents.
     Locally, Sheila has been instrumental in assisting the Town of Townsend in many ways most are not privy to. She has participated in many conversations with the housing authority to allow more visibility of the board in state affairs centered around affordable housing and has informed the board regarding ways to retain town assets within the authority to better serve the town as a whole. With her knowledge and direction, she has also brought a better understanding of what this municipality needs to retain property and land and allow for controlled development pursuant to the current focus of increasing housing production within the Commonwealth.
     Most importantly, Sheila has been involved in many COVID-19 bills currently being discussed such as guaranteeing housing stability during the COVID-19 emergency and recovery, providing for a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 emergency, making fiscally responsible appropriations for the maintenance of departments, boards, commissions, and institutions, and enabling partnerships for growth. All part of her solid record which we all have benefited from and therefore should be supported in November with your vote.
Townsend Housing Authority,
Charles Q. Sexton-Diranian
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