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We All Must Share In Groton Park’s Well Being

Dear Editor & Friends of Groton Park,

   “Excuse me sir, your dog is much too aggressive for this dog park.  A Groton School student was bitten, so that end of the park is now closed to us.  The master of another biter fled, so rabies could not be determined.  Please don’t ruin it for all of us (and our dogs), who love the old Groton Hunt.”

   “Excuse me madam, your dog jumping on people suggests it is too untrained to be off the leash.  Please don’t make it necessary for all dogs to be on a leash, as we walk along the Nashua River.”

   “Hi. Little boy, allow me to show you how to use a baggie to clean up your dog’s poop, so no one or their dog gets sick.”

   All of us who love the Groton dog park need to use friendly co-management to reduce the liability of those who have taken responsibility for our public good.  Rick, the caretaker does a great job, but as more people come, the natural wear & tear increases, making restrictive rules necessary, unless we all share in the park’s well being.

   After a decade serving in national security capacities in Washington, I returned to the Commonwealth with several settling options.  In favor of taking over my daughter’s home and dog in Groton, while she went off to a Ph.D. program, the Groton Hunt was the tipping point factor.

   On behalf of the many who truly love their walks in Groton’s lovely forests, we thank the trustees for their noble effort and promise to be better partners.


Eric Elbo

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