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U.S. Has Dealt With Covid Better - Far Better - Than The Rest Of The World

On Monday, May 11, President Trump, referring to his administration's handling of the corona virus pandemic, said, "We have met the moment and we have prevailed". He insists that, under his leadership, the U.S. has dealt with the crisis better than -- far better than -- the rest of the world has.
     However, . . .
• Though the U.S. has just 4.5% of the world's population, we have 32% of the reported cases and 28% of the deaths.
• According to a just-released Johns Hopkins University study, we rank 131st of 140 countries in mortality rates.
     As of May 11, this country had tested 28.5 persons per 1,000,000; Spain had tested 52.8; Italy, 42.4; Russia, 38.6; Germany, 32.9; Canada, 30.
     The president has repeatedly claimed that anyone who wants a test can get one. Try it. He assures us that all the states are getting the help they need from the federal government Governors disagree. Rather than coordinating a national response to the disease, Mr. Trump has said the states need to deal with it on their own.
     We have "met the moment", all right. But by what standard have we "prevailed"? Mr Trump seems to have a different dictionary.
Mike Metzger
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