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Turtle Hatchling Alert!

A bigger turtle, on the road in Groton.

Tiny turtle hatchlings, no larger than a quarter, have begun to emerge from their underground nests! Over the next month, please watch for them as they leave from tiny holes in garden beds, road shoulders, and sandy slopes. They travel great distances when making their perilous journey to safe habitats.
     You can make a difference by being watchful and alerting others about these fragile hatchlings. Best to observe this marvel of nature, but if you find one in peril near a road, driveway or mowing , please move it to the nearest wetland edge and place it under vegetation or leaf litter, never directly into water.
     Be careful when driving, gardening, and mowing lawns. Please set mower decks high during this season. Check basement window wells, as both hatchlings and adult turtles may fall in.
     Now and throughout the fall, adult turtles are traveling long distances to reach their winter habitats, often crossing roads. It can be difficult to see them in fall’s lengthening shadows, so please keep your eye out for them!
     Thank you! Together we can make a difference!
Darcy and Alan Donald
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