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Tough Times for Cold-Blooded Turtles Needing Warm Sunshine To Survive!

Little turtles face big hurdles when they emerge from their nests in the often winter-like New England spring.

To The Editor,

   Around April Fools Day, you may be surprised to find a tiny turtle hatchling warming on your driveway or road edge! Don’t be fooled! They ARE really there in chilly temps and often snowy weather! Tough times for cold-blooded turtles that need warm sunshine to survive!

   Smaller than a quarter, these wee turtles broke free from their egg shells in underground nests but remained underground until Spring. Most hatchlings emerge through the dirt in August or September to begin their perilous journey to suitable habitats. The few hatchlings emerging in April have survived the winter without food, less than six inches deep in the soil, because of complex biology that allows them to dramatically slow their metabolisms.

   Needless to say, the chances of these hatchlings surviving the harsh Spring conditions are slim. 

   If you want to give them helping hand, please place the hatchling in an open box with a damp paper towel on the bottom. Never put a wee turtle directly into water, as they may drown at this early sage. Contact us immediately at, where we  receive audible alerts for new messages. For turtle safety, please never post turtle sighting locations on social media.

  We will keep the hatchling warm and fed until June and then release it to the appropriate habi-tat, nearest the location they were found.

   Together we can make a difference! 

Thank you!

Darcy and Alan Donald

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