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Thoughtless Behavior Can Lead To Animal Suffering

Fishing line like that entangling the goose rescued along the Rail Trail.

Kiersten Herschler, wildlife rehabilitator and Westford's Animal Control Officer, was called by George Moore, Groton’s Animal Control Officer, recently to rescue a couple of Canada geese on Groton’s rail trail. The geese had become ensnared in fishing line carelessly discarded along the rail trail.
     Hirschler collected the goose from the rail trail and was able to remove some of the twine and line off the legs on site. The legs were attached to each other. Some fishing line was so embedded, the bird needed to be sedated in order to remove the rest of the line. The bird was treated at Tufts Veterinary Hospital in Grafton.
     According to Tuft’s personnel, the goose Hirschler picked up last Sunday is doing all right but is unwilling to stand. She is being sedated again to make sure they got out all the embedded fishing line. Tufts’ technicians did a radiograph on the goose and found several bb's inside her. Hirschler reported that this was the third animal this week she had found that has been shot with a bb gun.
     Hirschler recommends signage along the rail trail warning fishermen to dispose of their lines and other equipment and materials in such a way that they don’t harm wildlife.
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