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A Sad Day For Our Community

To The Editor,

   I was horrified to read in last week's paper that St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ayer suffered the desecration of its religious sanctuary at the hands of vandals.  It marks a sad day in our community.  I almost find myself hoping that this was the senseless act of some misguided youths bucking against authority, unacceptable as that might be.  

   The other possibility, that this was a hate crime, feels so much worse.  Too often places of worship are targets; from Baptists in Texas to Muslims in New Zealand.  I want to tell these perpetrators that religion is one important leg of the chair, and without religion and its places of worship of all faiths and creeds, the entire chair will eventually collapse under the weight of the world.  

    I recall the words of Father J. Bryan Hehir, a priest at my childhood church in Acton, and now an instructor of religion at Harvard, who said, "In order to understand the world, you've got to understand politics, economics, law, and religion."  By removing religion from this equation, these vandals have upset the balance required for us all to live productive, peaceful, and meaningful lives.  The chair will fall down.  I hope they come to their senses.

Gus G. Widmayer

Skyfields Drive

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