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Public Thanks For Assessors Jenifer Evans & Garrett Boles

Dear Editor,

I am amazed and concerned about what has been going on in the Assessor’s Office regarding home valuation information that is to be provided to the State DOR and used to determine the property tax that each of us must pay on our homes.

I cannot believe that two of our town employees (Principal Assessor Swezey and Town Manager Mark Haddad) were pushing to send flawed data to the DOR, knowing that it was flawed data and would cause problems for our local home valuations (and therefore the taxes to be paid by each of us).

I want to publicly thank Jenifer Evans and Garrett Boles, our elected assessors, for having the courage, backbone and ethics to say no to submitting flawed data to the DOR and demanding that the information be corrected even though they were under a time deadline and pressure from our Town Manager. Thank you for doing the right thing, Jenifer and Garrett!

I also want to thank Jack Petropoulos for submitting three changes to the Charter Review Committee that will insure that this situation will not happen again (see Nov. 25th Groton Herald article for details). I completely agree with the proposed changes and have let the Charter Review Committee know this.

I would also like to thank Jack P., Josh Degen and Barry Pease for directing the Town Manager to prepare a report explaining how this situation with the flawed data came to be and scheduling a meeting for this report to be presented and reviewed by them and the elected assessors.

I do not understand why our other two selectmen (Cunningham and Eliot) were against having the Town Manager prepare this report. Why would they not want to know the details of what went wrong in the Assessor’s office that caused this flawed information, especially where it concerns two of our town employees? This doesn’t make sense to me. They should be supporting a full review just as Jack, Josh and Barry do.

Ginger Vollmar
Old Dunstable Road

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