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A Problem At Winthrop Place Apartments

To The Editor,

    I hope you can help me somehow. I’ve been living at Winthrop Place Apartments for almost 10 years. My concern is I’m a non-smoker and when I moved in there was one smoker in the building, now there are five or six. The hall window is kept open year round because smoke smell travels and I can smell it in the hallway.

    I’ve tried contacting the owners about the cigarette problem because second hand smoke is very hazardous to someone’s health. I’ve tried to see if the Groton Board of Health can ban smoking near the font entrance, they said they don’t have the authority to do that. 

  I’ve sent a letter to Governor Charlie Baker’s office to see if there were any laws pending to ban smoking in multi-unit housing. I’ve written to USDA Rural Development because they finance this property. 

   My cholesterol goes up and down. I know second second affects the heart. Young children and elderly live in this complex, so I don’t understand why management doesn’t do something about smoking. I could sue in housing court but I don’t have asthma or lung issues yet. I know smoking is very addictive. People shouldn’t smoke anywhere they want to. 

  Could you put an article in your newspaper about the smoking at Winthrop Place? I want to remain anonymous since I’m not ready to move yet. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Name Withheld by Request 

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