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Ours Is The Greatest Nation In History

To The Editor,

  This is kind of an odd time to be alive in this country. There are some good things going on. The economy is booming. The stock market is doing well. 

  Unemployment is at its lowest in years, and more jobs are being created every month. While admittedly there is a large foreign debt, and excessive (in the estimate of some) spending on the military, for the most part most people are doing pretty well.

    The current political leadership, however, is experiencing some difficulties. The previous administration, faced with an uncooperative legislature, tried to govern mainly through executive orders, which caused it to be unpopular with sections of the population. The last election brought a new party into power, but with considerably less than a majority in the popular vote. In fact, the opposition won that by several million votes.

    This current administration is being accused by some of gaining office by appealing to the prejudices and fears of the electorate. Its party rallies before the election were focused on the candidate more than on issues, and the party base sometimes reached near hysteria. That pattern has continued in rallies held since the election.

   The administration faces a number of unpleasant accusations. It is charged with stirring up hatred toward minorities, with families torn apart, children literally ripped from the arms of parents. Arrests are said to occur without specific charges made, and those arrested placed in detention camps with inadequate food, shelter, and medical attention. 

    The current cabinet is said to be made up of incompetents whose main qualification is unquestioning compliance with the party leadership. This leadership, claiming that our nation is under attack from abroad, is accused of threatening other countries with military interventions.  It is accused of alternating between cozying up to Russia and denouncing it. It is accused of packing the courts with judges chosen for their political views rather than their legal competence. It is accused of encouraging armed “militia” groups to intimidate opponents.

  Some people in our country nonetheless continue to support this administration, sometimes vehemently. Others oppose it with equal vehemence. And many, perhaps most, seem indifferent as long as their own lives are not directly affected.

   Although I am optimistic about the future, because ours is the greatest nation in history, I must admit that it is indeed an odd time to be alive, here in Germany in 1936.

Mike Metzger

Former Resident of Groton

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