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NRA: More Guns Is the Answer?

Dear Editor,

The 'easy reach' of guns everywhere has forced us to think about arming ourselves. In truth, it's become an arms race with automatic weapons of mass destruction: our neighbor has guns, we don't trust our neighbor, therefore we need guns.  This is a tight, logical argument.

The NRA tells us that the best counterbalance to guns everywhere is armed security, and more guns.

Let's look at that proposition from a logical point of view: If guns are the problem, more guns are the answer. Nowhere else does this type of logic seem to apply. The problem is seldom the answer, it usually remains the problem. Try these statements:

If speeding in your car is the problem, more speeding is the answer.

If drinking alcohol is the problem, more drinking is the answer.

If drug use is the problem, more drug use is the answer.

If failing grades are the problem, more failing grades are the answer.

With guns however, we seem to accept the logic that more guns are the answer. I give that argument a failing grade.

Paul Iannacci

West Groton

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