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Many Thanks To Mr. LaTerz For His Article In Last Week’s Edition!

I read with interest Michael LaTerz's article about Groton's role in World War I in the most recent issue of the Herald. Many of the aspects of that time period he touched upon have reams of source material written on them which we, the general public, will never have time and/or inclination to read, but there are a couple of good compilations which may be of interest to readers whose interest was piqued.
     The journalist Dan Carlin has produced a six-part, 18-plus hour series on the Great War titled "Blueprint for Armageddon" which he has made available for free on his website (https://www. Carlin does an excellent job covering the political landscape in Europe which lead up to the war and how 19th century military thinking combined with 20th century weapons led to the uniquely horrific conditions experienced by conscripted soldiers on the front lines.
     For those interested in the 1918 influenza pandemic mentioned by Mr. LaTerz, The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague In History by John Barry covers the topic well with extensive discussion around the role Camp Devens played in both spreading the pandemic as well as serving as a laboratory to develop treatments.
     Many thanks to Mr. LaTerz for his article!
Joe Finch
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