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Letters: Indian Hill Music is Natural Fit in Groton, Along With Other Valued Institutions

Dear Editor:

Paul and I are 12-year residents of Groton, living at 57 Old Ayer Road.  We want to express our support for Indian Hill Music and their music school and performing arts project in Groton.  We have personally enjoyed concerts that Indian Hill music has performed at the Littleton High School as well as at the Kalliroscope Gallery on Main Street in Groton.  

We have been very impressed with their concerts and every event we have attended has been an exceptional performance by solo artists and their resident symphony. 

We also support their mission as a music school in the community. In our opinion, Indian Hill Music is a tremendous teaching and performing arts asset and we enthusiastically support their development of performing arts center and music school on Old Ayer Road.  
In addition, we are especially impressed with the project plan presented to the public in the fall of this year.   We appreciate the care taken to integrate the development into the Old Ayer road parcel and the good faith accommodations made to minimize the disruption brought about by a project of this scale. 
We both believe Indian Hill Music will be a tremendous asset to Groton, and see it to be a natural fit in this community, along with our other valued institutions, such as Groton School and Lawrence Academy.  We admire Indian Hill Music’s care and vision in their selection of top professionals for this project.  We trust Indian Hill music to do what is right for the community regarding this project and concerns that abutters have with minimizing disruptions brought about during performances and we support them as they navigate this tremendous undertaking. 
There have been concerns raised regarding traffic on Old Ayer Road on those nights when performances are held.   We want to go on record expressing our opinion that any inconvenience brought by additional traffic on Old Ayer road on those nights when a performance is held is far outweighed by the value brought to the community in the form of their music school, outreach and performing arts center. 

Paul Riley & Willa Breese
Old Ayer Road

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