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LETTER: Tyler Shute: Setting The Facts Straight

To Town Manager Haddad & The Select Board,

   First of all, I would like to thank you and The Board for the support they showed the department and the Chief last evening.  It has been a long road to get here, but I am glad we have come full circle on this issue.  Even though the process has seemed to be a little painful, I appreciate the fact that you and the Board feel comfortable with the process and putting the new hires into next year’s budget.

  Unfortunately, I feel the need to set the facts straight about the number of calls that the call department responds to during unmanned hours. Select board member Pine is being untruthful to the public by using false numbers to misrepresent the true need for additional personnel.  

    A board member should not be allowed to put forth totally incorrect numbers to the public to further her own agenda.  Making a statement that the call department only responds to 20 calls a year between the hours of midnight to six in the morning is so grossly fabricated with the sole purpose of misleading the tax payer/ voters.  From 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018 the call department responded to 132 calls between the hours of midnight and six in the morning.   

   The more important number, which should be stated, is the call department responded to 318 calls from the hours of 8pm and 6 a.m.  Those are the unmanned hours.  We can try to break the numbers down to random windows of time in an attempt to make it look like the call department does less, does not need help, or is not used during those times, but that would be misleading and dishonest.   We as a town need to praise the hard work and dedication of our call department, not disparage them by using wrong data to further an agenda.

   Thanks again for the support from the rest of the Board,


Tyler Shute

Groton Firefighter      


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