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LETTER: She Understands That Her Most Critial Responsibility Is Listening To The People

Dear Editor:
I had been wanting to write a letter in support of the candidacy of Deb Busser for State Representative for some time, but after reading the many letters praising her abilities, I didn’t think I had anything to add to the conversation. I am confident that Deb is the best candidate though, and when I thought about why I believe that, I realized that I had not yet seen my reason for supporting her articulated.
     I am passionate about democratic government, and for me, that means that we, the people, get to decide how we want to organize our society.
     The business of government is to provide its citizens with a framework within which we can live our lives to our fullest potential; a framework built upon laws and regulations crafted by the people we’ve elected to represent our interests, from the local level to the highest offices. Those representatives, in turn, are charged with understanding which issues are most important to their constituents, and where our government can best influence the common good of society. Public service, at its best, enriches us all.
     My husband Paul and I will be voting for Deb Busser because we believe that she understands that her most critical responsibility will be listening to the people of this district in order to best represent their needs at the State House. It is a simple concept with incredibly impactful results in practice, and one that makes the process of democratic government so effective at delivering the results everyday people want and need to enjoy success and security. Please join us in voting for Deb to represent the people of the 1st Middlesex District.
Thank you,
Susan Shay
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