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LETTER: She Is A Strong Advocate For Civil Rights & Equal Protection Under Law

This letter is in support of Sheila C. Harrington for re-election to State Representative for the 1st Middlesex district. I am an Independent and a former resident of Groton. I am writing because I’m very worried about the vitriolic and partisan political landscape.
     Some of the comments I have seen on social media have made me want to reach out to the area where I very proudly raised my children. Sheila is not part of what you may see on the news or social media. She is a true patriot, and has been a warrior for you, and a team player for all. She has your best interests... always.
     I met Sheila over 20 years ago when she was coordinating volunteers for the Groton Road Race. She has always tried to serve the district in which she lives in many capacities. In the last 10 years, while serving all of you as your State Representative, she has supported veterans, senior citizens and the young alike.
     She would give up a day at the beach, a night out with friends or a family gathering to attend an Eagle Scout celebration, or celebrate a senior’s birthday or honor a veteran receiving an award or recognition. Literally!
     She was able to work with Administrators and stakeholders to redirect the gas pipeline which was to run through the district. She continues to advocate for a Bill to protect “Best Interest of the Child”( Bill # 3323.) She wants to ensure that every child is protected and afforded the opportunity to be raised by the person that is in that child’s best interest and not necessarily their biological parent.
     Sheila is a strong advocate for Civil Rights and equal protection under the law. In 2016, she received a standing ovation in the House Chamber for supporting the Transgender Equality Bill after initially voting against it 5 years before!
Those in the State House were so impressed by her speech because she was willing to say, “I made a mistake.” Not only did she admit she was wrong, she went on to passionately present the struggles of the Transgender community and their families to her peers at the State House.
     Sheila is the solution and not part of the problem. Her experience is what makes her such a strong candidate. I urge you to give your vote for Sheila C. Harrington, so she can continue her hard work with all of you in mind.
Warmest Regards,
Julie DeLuca
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