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LETTER: She Is An Advocate For The Under-Privileged & Under-Served

My husband and I lived in Groton for over 20 years and raised our family there. Groton will always be our home and we miss it every time we drive down Rte. 40 from Westford, past Gibbet Hill, Lawrence Academy and Main St.
     Groton is a town of many hidden jewels. One of those jewels is your current State Representative, Sheila C. Harrington. We have known Sheila for a long time, well before she became a state rep. As a matter of fact, we both moved our young families to Groton in 1991 and Sheila is one of the first people I ever met in town.
     Sheila is a person of impeccable character and has contributed to this district in many ways for many more years than her government tenure describes. Sheila has volunteered in the schools, in local youth theater groups, in the Groton Women’s club and in her church. Wherever there is a need, Sheila finds it and selflessly works to fix it.
     On numerous occasions, Sheila as stepped forward anonymously to assist those in need. She is truly a giver. In addition, Sheila is a smart and savvy attorney who has spent her legal career in many areas but has focused on family law including child advocacy and child custody issues. She has been an advocate for the under-privileged and under-served.      As your representative at the State House, Sheila has worked relentlessly for 10 years and has built a solid reputation amongst her colleagues, both Republicans and Democrats. She has a way of reaching across the aisle as a negotiator and a deal maker that should make you proud. People listen to Sheila because they understand she is not trying to force her positions on you, but rather she is trying to communicate her position in a way that allows for thoughtful consideration. Sheila always has her constituents’ interest at the top of her agenda.
     Now, neither my husband nor I are Republicans. We are both unenrolled (Independent) voters who tend to vote democratic. So, there are areas where we may not totally agree with Sheila, but we respect her position and know that she respects our position. On the great majority of areas, however, we find consensus.
     We do not know her opponent, but we are sure that Deb Busser is a bright, enthusiastic person who wants to contribute to her district and we wish her well. It takes more than good intentions, however, to be an effective legislator. Based not only on our personal relationship with Sheila Harrington, but on the resumes of both candidates, there is no comparison. Only Sheila has the combination of skills, experience, and integrity to serve your district best. We wish we could still vote in the district, but as we cannot, we hope you will make the decision to re-elect Sheila C. Harrington!
Maureen and Pat Kelly
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