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LETTER: Seniors Won’t Be Safe & Happy at Prescott School

Dear Editor,

We, the senior citizens who live here in Groton are active, interesting, talented and well-traveled people. We have lived long useful lives and hope to remain active for many years to come. Our Groton Senior Center allows us to enjoy many interesting and active opportunities that under other circumstances we would not be able to do.

For the majority of us seniors, when our lives are over, we will be placed under the ground. “Don’t rush us” – “Don’t put us under the ground now”, in the basement, the cellar, when we are still active, vibrant people! As it has been proposed, the basement of the Prescott School is not an appropriate place for a senior center.

Basement: “The floor of a building beneath the ground floor - usually an underground floor.”

Cellar: “A room or set of rooms below the surface of the ground.”

As a lifelong resident of Groton for more than 77 years, I am very familiar with the building on Main Street which is now known as “The Prescott School”. I attended four years of high school and three years of 6, 7, and 8th grade. I presently access that building 12 months a year and have been doing so for 112 plus years. The deterioration is unbelievable to me.

My husband remembers a lady being struck by a car in the 1950s crossing the street in front of the school and in the 1960s a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle crossing the street coming from the Prescott to the old post office. There were also pedestrian accidents in 2003 and 2011.

A few years ago the Town held their Precinct Two and Precinct Three election there. It was a one-time event. The foot and auto traffic was horrific. If the Town of Groton found that event to be so bad, why do they believe that the seniors of Groton could possible be safe and happy there?

Safety should be a major consideration for a senior center.

Jean Sheedy
Martins Pond Road

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