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LETTER: The Harm You Do Yourself, Harms Others Too

To whomever felt the need to spit out fear, hatred, judgment, and anger, I reach out to you to say you have my sympathy.
You must have a great deal of unresolved feelings. You must feel superior to those who think and feel differently from you. Maybe you have friends or family who have tried to nurture you, tried to give you a perspective which leads to acceptance, and a life lived away from hatred. Maybe they have to try harder to help you.
     You have chosen to spew your misunderstanding of how to live peacefully in the world. I offer my condolences. You think that people who do not look like you deserve to be targeted. I feel sad for you living with such struggles.
     Perhaps someday you will comprehend how scribbles like yours on public property only leads to division and separateness. Perhaps you will never get it. I will always feel sorry for you, for the harm you do to yourself, as well as to others.
Barbara J. Rich
Member of Groton Interfaith Council
Member of Groton Unitarian Universalist Church
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