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LETTER: Every Decent Person, Regardless of Political View

I am old enough to remember the civil rights movement in the 60s and the shock and horror of reading about church burnings that reaction from racists brought forth. So, to read that a website in our community titled Rotten in Groton published an editorial that among other things called for the burning down of First Parish Church was disturbing to say the least.
     At first anonymously, this diatribe is likely a reaction to the BLM march, the many protests on Route 119 at the common, and the display of a Black Lives Matter in the front windows of First Parish. As the not unexpected outcry of the community blossomed forth, the name of the author was revealed and he declared it to be satire.
     It is interesting to note that on Friday (June 26) the last of the three convicted of the Atlanta church bombings back in the 60s that took the lives of the young black girls had died in prison. I ask the author; “Was that satire?"
     I call upon the Middlesex DA to investigate and call it what it truly is, a hate crime. While we are in an extraordinary time of division and all too often have to witness stupidity on a daily basis, this crosses the line. I trust every decent person in the area, regardless of your political view will condemn that this ever was allowed to be published.
Patrick Hughes
18 Year member of the First Parish Community and all the good it does.
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