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LETTER: Can CPA Funds Make Up Some Budget Shortfalls?

The following statement was submitted to the CPC on April 27, 2020 by Anna Eliot. She subsequently submitted it to the Groton Herald.
Statement to CPC April 27, 2020
     As a member of CPA, I have several questions regarding the discussion of this portion of the Article (the CPC article) on the town meeting warrant. Based on recent experience with funding private entities, the CPC and Finance committee need to have a better understanding of any business plan before the authorization of money. This includes a detailed accounting of receipts, debits, and most important, Budget forecasting. It is my position that the town is not well served by expenditures without a clear understanding of a project and whether the project has a sustainable path to supporting itself.
     The current budget forecast for 2021 has significant shortfalls which are projected to continue for the foreseeable future. In order to justify maintaining the 3% surcharge to taxpayers, we need to leverage as much of the direct tax and matching funds as possible to offset qualifying municipal expenditures. Concerted efforts to mitigate this immediate and acute tax burden could preserve the CPA for Groton to spend again on valuable community projects in the future.
     This is the critical time to be considering future needs. Future shortfalls. A very important question was raised at the Fin Com meeting Tuesday night. Can CPA funds be used under these exigent circumstances to make up for some of the short falls anticipated, and what in the 2021 budget could qualify for these funds.
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