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Let’s Fix Broadmeadow Road For Public Good

To The Editor,

    As happens several times each year, Broad Meadow Road has been closed to through traffic recently due to flooding/icing.  At the present time, a road closing leaves residents of the one-way stretch below Main Street and anyone making use of the library, playground or Rail Trail, with a choice of two poor exits – either to continue on Playground Road in violation of a No Thru Traffic sign to make a difficult entrance onto Main Street or to drive through the Rail Trail parking lot to reach Station Ave.    We applaud the Highway Dept. for grading and plowing the Station Ave. link conscientiously, but they are challenged to keep up with the inevitable ruts and pot holes, and this route remains tough on cars.  (Some frustrated drivers make their own risky third choice to reach Main Street by driving the wrong way up the one-way stretch despite wagging fingers and blaring horns.)

  Altogether, residents and others, it is no exaggeration to estimate that 50 or more drivers a day must choose one of these routes while the road is closed for three or more days at a stretch.  The flood-prone segment of Broad Meadow is not only a recurring problem today, it is also a liability for the near future as the development of our town center portends increased traffic demands.

   We understand that this problem has been diligently studied in the past and that a proper fix is estimated to cost several million dollars.  Now we hope that a solution to this impasse has presented itself.  

   In the December 21st issue of this paper we learned that Groton Representative Sheila Harrington and the rest of the state legislature approved $200 million for repair of local roads and bridges.  

  We strongly urge town management to strike while this iron is hot, to apply for funds to upgrade Broad Meadow Road so as to improve the lives of those who depend upon it today and to accommodate the traffic demands of our town center's promising future.


David and Betsy Smith

Broad Meadow Road

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