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Find Ways to Move From Prejudice, Fear & Sneaky Messages

Dear Editor:
At the Select Board meeting Monday, September 23, 2019 at the Town Hall, information was shared that there had been flyers put into the clothing racks of a Groton retail store reading, “Muslims got it right about Women.” [See Front page story] There is no way to know what the writer means by these words, and we could speculate endlessly about the meaning of the message. What matters is that hurt people, hurt people. Whoever is reading this letter, or who heard the discussion at the Select Board meeting, I invite you to consider checking out the Groton Interfaith Council, and maybe experience some new ways to see people who are maybe not like you.
     The Interfaith Council works hard to bridge the natural, human misunderstandings within each of us. Hurt people, hurt people. You, writer of the flyers in the clothing racks, you might find ways to move from prejudice, fear and sneaky messages, to acceptance and peace. If not now, then
Barbara J. Rich 
Mill Street
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