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Enough is Enough

Dear Editor,

I appreciate Paul Iannacci's letter to the editor entitled "Fully Armed Public Cannot Be Trusted". Really, enough is enough with the number of gun-related deaths we have here in the United States. There is a healthy public debate going on in our democracy since the massacre of 20 children in Newtown, CT., to which I am adding my voice.

According to the United Nations, as reported in the "Washington Post" 12/14/12, "The U.S. has far more gun-related killings than any other developed country." The vast majority of these killings are not related to the purposes gun owners say they want or need guns for - to hunt animals and/or to protect one's home. Bottom line is guns exist to kill either people or animals. What I do not understand is why the need for more than 1 to 2 guns in a household for those who choose to possess guns to hunt animals and/or kill an intruder? Why the need to have the right to buy more than 1 gun per month? Why no need for background checks at gun shows? Why the need to buy assault-style rifles with high capacity magazines? Why deny money to study the effects of gun violence on public health? Why the need for 300 million guns in the U.S., almost enough for one gun for every American woman, man and child? Also, I do not like being bullied and intimidated by the N.R.A. and have the truth distorted about the effect of guns on our society.

A group of doctors is recommending the possibility of a more constructive way to approach the controversial and often heated debate around the place of guns in our society. Currently, whenever the term "gun control" gets raised, in reaction to the epidemic of gun violence, there are those whose only response is, "It is my 2nd amendment right to protect myself against tyranny". To which the translation and solution by gun advocates is the illogical need for more guns, not less. The doctors' suggestion is to have a nation-wide discussion and educational campaign to improve "gun safety" instead. As in, guns as a public health issue, to be addressed in a similar public health way as smoking cigarettes or driving under the influence. Both campaigns have been successful at reducing the number of unnecessary deaths.

The debate is happening now at both the state and national levels with President Obama taking it on. A newly formed group organizing is One Million Moms for Gun Control. If you too have had enough of mass shootings, gun homicides and gun suicides, now is an opportune time to add your voice to the many who are saying, "enough is enough".


Karen Vanderborgh,

Fairway Dr.

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