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EDITORIAL: Jaywalkers Disrespect The Cooperation We Crave

On the long list of problems the Town needs to deal with, jaywalking on Main Street is low on the list. When traffic is light, avoiding the minor inconvenience of walking a few extra steps to use our new cross walks is no big deal. But there are a few who feel entitled to cross Main Street randomly as convenience and whim moves them, even walking into heavy traffic.
     Despite the confusion and chaos of heavy traffic flows through downtown, there is a willingness to yield to the other guy [in most cases], whether driver or pedestrian. The respect, cooperation and deference we show each other while passing through heavy Main Street traffic is one of the un-remarked behaviors that makes living in Groton good.
Jaywalking into heavy traffic endangers everybody by throwing an unexpected element of confusion and uncertainty into an already- fraught mix. It shows a lack of respect for the cooperation we prize and work hard to foster, cooperation that makes chaotic Main street traffic flow smoothly in most cases.
     But if all that isn’t enough to restrain the recalcitrant jaywalker, it is worthwhile to remind them that a jaywalker was killed on Main Street not so many years ago. Please think about it as you step off the curb.
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