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Despite These Challenges, They Persist!

• Turtles survived the asteroid that made dinosaurs extinct.
• Turtles have a great capacity for healing and surviving injury.
• Turtles have persisted despite great challenges and perils.
• Turtles live for decades, some to 100.
• Turtles stay in their shells when threatened.
     As turtles and elements of the natural world provide inspiration and solace during this difficult time, we can be proactive in helping turtles survive.
     May thru June is turtle nesting season. Females must be 10 to 20 years of age, depending on species, to reproduce. Due to high morality from predation and human activity, it may take a female turtle 20 years of laying eggs just to replace herself in the population! 90% of nests are predated the night they are laid. Despite these challenges, they persist!
     Turtles will be on roadways and in yards as they travel long distances to sunny, nesting sites. Please be on alert for them and enjoy watching them from a distance. Nesting may take several hours after the perfect location is chosen.
     If you encounter a turtle at peril, crossing a road, and you choose to help (keeping you and others safe), please gently lift the turtle, low to the ground, and move it off the road in the direction it was headed. Always move a snapper using a shovel, car floor mat or tarp to coax them to safety. Snappers may feel threatened on land, as they are the only freshwater turtle that cannot retract into its shell. Never pick a turtle up by the tail, as that action can fatally damage the spinal column. Turtle shells are bone, fused with the spinal column and have sensory receptors.
     Please email grotonturtles@ if you find an injured or dead turtle. Never post turtle locations on social media, as this may threaten their survival.
     Together we can make a difference by assisting turtles in peril and helping each other through these difficult times.
Well wishes to all,
Darcy and Alan Donald
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