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Can’t Figure Out What To Do? Shoot The Messenger

USPS Truck parked in spot marked for handicapped access.

To The Editor,

  The following is something I posted in the Facebook  social media site known as ‘Rotten In Groton.’

   I thought it might be of interest to the readers of the Groton Herald because: 

1. It is occurring in Groton.

2. It pertains to the protected class of disabled citizens. 

3. It involves a Government agency (US Postal Service).

4. It drew a large amount of public attention and opinion ranging from shaming the USPS for their arrogance, to declaring it to be a non-issue with more important things to talk about, to defending the USPS because that area was changed to an ‘employee parking area.’

   As the author of that post (which included a photo of the USPS truck parked in their own marked Handicap reserved spot – see photo above), I decided to remove it because of how aggressive some people were getting in their reactions.

   Today, after careful thought, I decided to repost this photo on Rotten In Groton site. This time I summarized the many types of reactions to this very important issue.

Handicap parking USPS

This is a sample of the reactions to this photo that I posted yesterday. 

1. One person had made a previous complaint to the postmaster. But the staff seemed uninterested and replied they will “look into it”(almost a week had passed with no change so it was essentially ignored)

2. Some asked why this is even being discussed. ‘There are more important things to be concerned about.’

3. One stated his opinion that since it does not affect me directly, therefore I should just be quiet and go away. 

4. Another person stated that they talked to an employee, who basically defended the action as being ok because it is in an employ parking area anyway.

5.  A person (who I know personally) to have a handicap designation said the town is falling apart because even handicap people are not being protected anymore.

6. At least one person descended into an emotionally charged tirade, laced with profanity directly personally against those people who expressed their opinion that the post office was wrong to park their vehicle in a handicap spot.

7.  At least one person verbally (written) attacked me - as the author of this post. And it was relentless. Apparently bringing this issue up for discussion in a social media group called “Rotten In Groton” is not to their liking.

The Reality

 Whether you agree or not, the rules (laws) apply to everyone, all the time. In this particular case, the law regarding reserved handicap parking is quite specific and carries a significant fine for violation.

   Government (USPS) employees are not exempt from these rules. In addition, the response to the public most certainly should not be:

1. Ignoring the complaint and continue the violation  

2. Defending the violation by declaring it as employee parking (If it is so posted, aren’t handicapped employees the only authorized people who are legally permitted to park there?)

3. Remove the Handicap Parking sign and leave the USPS truck parked there. Aren’t Handicap a “protected Class” of citizens and therefore not be arbitrarily discarded?

   Since it was my personal post, I made the decision to remove it from Rotten In Groton page. It was mostly due to the fact that some people were becoming so emotional in their opinion, that their remarks degraded to being mean aggressive angry and in some cases personal. 

   Apparently when you don’t know what to do, you shoot the messenger.

Best regards.

Jack Sabal

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