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A Bridge Too Far

Dear Editor:

I have been asked to comment by the Tax Payers Alliance on several money articles at the Oct. 15 town meeting. The Alliance forms its opinions based on facts, much as a jury would do (using TV and newspaper articles as factual sources.) The Alliance is surprised to see the Lost Lake Sewer article on the warrant. Given that most Lost Lake residents don't want to participate in the sewer hook up (too costly). The only answer for Lost Lake residents is a holding tank. This is dumped when it's full. These vary in size and work well if flow is watched. The catch is, however, the Board of Health does not like holding tanks.

In a recent study of Lost Lake, tests show no pollution problem. At 12.9 million dollars, the Alliance urges a "no" vote on this article.

The Fitch's Bridge replacement article serves only horses and bike riders, a small group, not taxpayers as a whole. The bridge seems to go nowhere, a bridge going no where is "a bridge too far." If Nashoba Tech could build this bridge, we may be for it. Otherwise, a "no" vote is urged.

On the citizen petition articles to ban the firehouse on Farmers Row. As we drive down Farmers Row, we try to envision a firehouse at the end of a hayfield. This seems counter to the purpose of the firehouse to protect life and property. What property? There is nothing around it? We think the firehouse should be on Station Ave. as it's a more central location. We think the location on Farmers Row is too far from Longley Road or Chicopee Road if a major fire should happen there.

We have suggested two locations on Station Ave. (1) The vacant lot next to the old firehouse owned by Mr. Webber. We think it would be nice if he donated this

lot to the town for a new two-story, double-bay, extra-depth firehouse, and it would not cost 17.5 million dollars. Or (2) the old Electric Light garage near the rail trail. With money spent, this would make an excellent firehouse, with access to Broadmeadow Rd. in the rear. We would urge a "no" vote on the Farmers Row location.

On a closing note, we would urge all concerned taxpayers to show up on Oct. 15 and vote down these outrageously expensive articles, or the clique will prevail and you will be paying for the next 30-50 years. Thank you for your time.

Robert Stephens


Tax Payers Alliance

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