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That 47 Percent

Dear Editor,

Mitt Romney said that 47 percent of the American people pay no income tax. This is true. Our progressive tax rate structure is so skewed that a large number of lower-income working people do not pay any income tax. Yes, they may pay Social Security and Medicare tax, but that ostensibly is credited to their "account" (we all know that's not how it really works, but it's a convenient fiction). And of course people on welfare and those on social security may not pay any income tax, which is understandable. But people earning money ought to pay at least a token amount toward the operation and defense of our nation; they ought to have some "skin in the game" and share in the responsibility and pride of maintaining our great nation.

Romney's point about the 47 percent, probably stated more in jest than anything else, was that they would not be voting for him in November. I would like to think that many of those people who don't pay income tax for whatever reason, will not vote out of personal greed, but out of a sense of patriotism and pride, and thus I firmly believe that many of the 47 percent will vote for Romney in November. If you are one of the 47 percent, I hope that you will do likewise.

Sincerely yours,

Brooks Lyman

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