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Hearing on Proposed Off-Site Off-Street Parking Amendment

Public Hearing Notice – Proposed Zoning Amendments

   In accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 40A, §§ 5 and 11, the Groton Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Thursday, January 24, 2019, at 7:20 PM in the Town Hall, 173 Main Street, to consider the following proposed zoning amendments:

   Off-site (Free Standing) Off-street Parking

   Section 218-4 Definitions – add the following definition:

   OFFSITE OFF-STREET PARKING -Parking area on a lot for the benefit of and serving the parking needs of a use on a separate non-contiguous lot, subject to the provisions of Sections 218-25, 218-28, and 218-32.1

   Section 218-25 Site Plan Review – add the following subsection

218-25.B.(2)(e) Offsite Off-street Parking

   Section 218-13 Schedule of Use Regulations – add the following use:

Schedule of Use Regulations











Offsite Off-street Parking (see Section 218-28)










   Add a new Section 218-28 Offsite Off-Street Parking:


To provide relief and standards for properties that cannot provide or satisfy the off-street parking requirements on-site due to unique circumstances including but not limited to topography, lot size, lot shape, existing building placement, or an authorized change of use where off street parking can be secured off site on property under the same ownership or control in a manner that is compatible with the surrounding uses.


A property owner or lessee, consistent with the applicable provisions herein, may petition for Offsite Off-street Parking on a non-contiguous property under their control and demonstrate the unique circumstances associated with their property for which parking cannot be provided on site.  The petitioner must demonstrate the proposed parking will address the unique circumstance associate with satisfying off street parking on their property in a manner consistent with the character of its surroundings.


A locus plan showing the location of the proposed Offsite Off-street Parking in relation to the property being served with sufficient detail for the Planning Board to determine adequate proximity exists

Lighting overspill, glare, headlights

Visual Impact mitigation measures such as setbacks, landscaping, visual screening 


Applications shall be subject to Section 218-25 Site Plan Review

Applications shall be subject to Section 218-32.1Special permit 

Parking layout and construction 

Circulation and traffic consideration

Applicant must have controlling interest in both properties (ownership or leasehold)

Special permit will run with applicant unless applicant owns both properties and records a deed restriction binding both lots to common ownership for the special permit to remain in force  

The use requiring the parking must be a permissible use (Y/SP) on the Offsite lot

Use limited to parking of registered, motor vehicles.  Commercial vehicles over  xxxxxxlbs,  (storage, pods, trailers, equipment, shall not be permitted)

Third party, paid parking is not permitted. 

Specify/limit number of spaces

The provisions of this section may be used in conjunction with Shared Parking


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January 4 & 11, 2019  C 

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