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Hearing on Changing "Board of Selectmen" to "Select Board"

Public Hearing Notice – Proposed Zoning Amendments

Change name of the Board of Selectmen to Select Board

   In accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 40A, §§ 5 and 11, the Groton Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall, 173 Main Street, to consider the following zoning amendments proposed by the Select Board of the Town of Groton:


To see if the Town will vote to amend the Chapter 218 Zoning, by changing the words “Board of Selectmen,” wherever they appear, to the words “Select Board” and making such other clerical revisions as are required to change all references to the Board of Selectmen and its members to “Select Board” and “Select Board Members,” or to take any other action relative thereto.


   Summary: The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously on Feb. 12, 2018 to change the name of the board to the Select Board. This article is necessary in order to make the name change in the Chapter 218 Zoning Bylaw, which would require a 2/3rds vote of the Meeting.  A copy of Chapter 218 Zoning, as proposed to be amended, is on file with the Town Clerk.

Respectfully submitted,

George Barringer, Chair

Groton Planning Board

August 24, 31, 2018

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