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Groton Animal Control

In June Groton Animal Control answered to 40 calls. Many of these calls were handled over the phone. Questions on wildlife are always common in the spring when young are beginning to wander on their own. Please do not feed them or believe they have been abandoned. If they are not injured, they will be fine. If they are injured, fortunately we have several wildlife rehabilitators in our area who will know what to do if an animal is injured.
     If they are able to be out and about they are capable of feeding themselves. Remember that possession of wildlife is illegal. Remember also that no matter how cute and cuddly they appear, they are still wild animals capable of defending themselves.
     Following is a breakdown of Groton Animal Control calls in June:
• Loose dogs: 14, once again the high number of calls
• Loose horse: 1, horse and rider (uninjured) were reunited.
• Loose chickens: 2, (neither chose to cross the road).
• Raccoons: 1 family group.
• Bear sightings: 4, bears have a wide range of 5 to 15 square miles, so it’s possible the same bear has been seen multiple times.
• Moose sightings: 3, probably the same animal.
• Hawks: 2 taken by rehabilitator to Tufts in Grafton.
• Skunks: 2 family groups.
• Bird trapped in house: 1, caught and released by homeowner.
     Summer is here again. So far we have had only one report of a dog left in a car in the heat. Animal Control has a laser temperature sensor. On a test, outside temp 80 degrees, the temp. inside the car, windows down about four inches, was 102 degrees. Sobering facts can be found by googling “dogs left in a hot car”. Also remember that if a dog appears distressed inside a locked hot car, a window may be broken to rescue the dog.
     Groton Animal Control hopes everyone has a safe and happy summer.
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