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Stay in shape and keep stress under control. A Saturday jog along Elm Street helps. Photo by Steve Lieman


 "A Great Failure of Our Political System and the Prestige of Our Country."   The following is a quote from a longer letter sent to this newspaper by a Doctor who now lives out of state and wishes to remain anonymous.        “We can expect a tsunami of covid-19 infections within days....

During ordinary times, scenic shots of our town can feel somewhat ho-hum. But during an unexpected communitywide crisis, these images become symbols of hope and comfort, taking on unexpected meaning and significance for our town and community. We are reminded of the travails faced by those who went before us and that we, like them, can get through this trial by sticking together. This evocative photograph of Groton's Old Meeting House and Mt. Wachusett by Steve Lieman serves as just such a symbolic reminder.



Rivercourt Resident Frances Gibson enjoys some time with her daughter Joanne Schorn and son-in- law Tom during special weekend of visits through windows. Photo by SteveLieman


 The island of flags at Main and Hollis Street is dedicated to all the Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staffers, Pharmacies, Police, Firefighters, EMTs, Supermarket and Grocery Workers, Truck Drivers, Highway Workers, Electric Utility Linemen, and all the other essential workers we take for granted...
Robert Hanninen sent the Groton Herald this article from the Finnish newspaper Raivaaja reporting on the “Spanish” influenza of 1918. Bob says he ran a word search for "influenssa" and got 17 hits on the Spanish Flu pandemic. (It nearly killed my grandparents and father. Losses at Camp Devens...

Trying to impress his lady by balancing on one foot, this mallard also practices improper social distancing protocol. Photo by Nancy Ohringer


by Deborah Johnson   My daughter asked if the Covid-19 crisis is anything like the Vietnam War years when young men and their families waited to find out if they were drafted. Having lived through that era, I answered, ‘No. This is more like 1954 when there was no polio vaccine and each...

The futuristic architecture of The Music Center at Indian Hill seems to rise like a set for a Star Wars clandestine rebel hideway located on a remote but pristine planet where the underdog good guys plot their comeback. Photo taken from Groton Conservation Trust’s Bates land on the northern face of Indian Hill. Photo by Russell Harris.


A view from Gibbet Hill looking west towards Mt Watatic. Photo by Steve Lieman



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