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by Deborah Johnson   My daughter asked if the Covid-19 crisis is anything like the Vietnam War years when young men and their families waited to find out if they were drafted. Having lived through that era, I answered, ‘No. This is more like 1954 when there was no polio vaccine and each...

The futuristic architecture of The Music Center at Indian Hill seems to rise like a set for a Star Wars clandestine rebel hideway located on a remote but pristine planet where the underdog good guys plot their comeback. Photo taken from Groton Conservation Trust’s Bates land on the northern face of Indian Hill. Photo by Russell Harris.


A view from Gibbet Hill looking west towards Mt Watatic. Photo by Steve Lieman


by Deborah E. Johnson   For Americans, involvement in World War I was very brief, lasting only from 1917 to Armistice Day, November 11, 1918. But just before the Armistice in September 1918, another kind of war was fought on the home front as Groton, and then Massachusetts, the nation, and...
by Ellen Todd   [Note: This article is the first in a series that Ellen is writing in support of the recent two-year Native Plant Challenge started by the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (GCFM.) GCFM hopes that garden club members and others will be encouraged to plant more natives in...

Photo by Connie Sartini

The following is an edited excerpt from "Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England," an ecological history of pre-colonial New England by estemed historian and former Yale and University of Wisconsin professor, William Cronon.       English settlers were...

Fishers are secretive and elusive creatures, giving humans a wide berth. As such, they are solitary creatures, except during a brief mating season. Active during night and day throughout the year, fishers are one of the few mammals that prey on porcupines. According to Mass Audubon, “There are numerous YouTube sites with recordings attributed to screaming fishers, rather than what we believe is the actual vocalist, a red fox.” Photo made by Scott Eggimann in Groton.


During the month of February Groton Animal Control responded to the following calls: • 2 found/lost cats • 7 found/lost dogs • 1 loose horse • 1 report of a coyote in a parking lot • 1 injured raccoon • 2 dogs quarantined for bite attacks • 1 injured turkey taken by...

The beautiful animals at Luina Greine on Common Street (see ewe photo above and alpaca below) were on view by participants in Groton Public Library’s community-wide program, “Groton Reads and Eats.” Photos by Steve Lieman.


Even with regular news coverage of town government operations and budgets, it is hard to know how well our town is being managed relative to other towns. Is our money being carefully and efficiently spent, not wasted? Generally, the public has a healthy skepticism of government claims of what a...


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