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Periods of drought appear to be getting longer and more intense. It is more important than ever to understand our most precious natural resource water. Andi Ross (center) presented an overview of the past droughts, to members of the Groton Garden Club, focusing on the impact these have had in our area. She discussed our area's watershed, rain collection and utilization and soil optimization. with the goal of using knowledge and tools to assist our gardens to successfully get through times of drought. She is joined by Club members Betty Ireland (l) and Bev Johnson following her presentation. Courtesy photo

Water is all around us: falling as rain or snow, flowing into rivers or lakes, streaming from household faucets or hoses. But what happens when there is little rain or worse, a drought? Groton Garden Club found out during a recent presentation of “Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink!”...

Paula Cruz loves her herd--and the herd loves her. Everybody needs a little love from "Mom." Photo by Russell Harris.



 While the present day look of agriculture in Groton is in flux and changing in response to current trends in society towards more localized production and sustainability practices, the underpinnings of farming in town still resemble traditional agricultural activities of working the land, growing...
By far the oldest Angus in town, this beautiful cow is also the wisest. She has made herself indispensable to the herd by watching over baby calves while the mothers relax and feed.  */

Test driving the simulator. Photo by John Ellenberger

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), nine people are killed every hour and more than 1,000 are injured as a result of distracted drivers. Teens have the highest crash rate of any group in the United States.      This week licensed drivers and permit holders at the Groton Dunstable...

Where do Black Angus Cattle grazing Gibbett Hill in summer spend their winters? [Hint: NOT the Caribbean] Find out next week in the Herald's ongoing series on farming in Groton.

Massachusetts is well-known as home to world-class educational institutions. We are less well- known for having one of the best public, secondary school systems in the nation and for the high-quality education offered by our state university system. Maintaining high educational standards takes many...

Seated: Michael Sucheki; First Row: Ella Hutchinson, Anne Polaski, Josh Degan; Back Row: Alison Manugian, Barry Pease, Becky Pine, Jack Petropoulos Photo by Mark Haddad

Members of the Pages for Peace Foundation, including student peacemakers, attended the March 12th meeting of the Groton Board of Selectmen to display a bronze plaque recently awarded posthumously to Betsy Sawyer by The Peace Abbey of Millis, MA, for her outstanding efforts in peace education. ...

Grave of Job Shattuck. Groton's Old Burying Ground is final resting place of two adversaries: Oliver Prescott, Jr. & Job Shattuck - local men who found themselves on Opposite sides of Shays' rebellion. These graves are within a few yards of each other. Although on opposite sides of Shays' rebellion, they later worked together for the benefit of the town. Many thanks to Mike Metzger [in photo] for helping locate the graves. Photos by Russell Harris

Oliver Prescott and Job Shattuck’s graves lie within sight of each other in Groton’s Old Burying Ground. Their 1700s families’ houses still stand. But, their intersected lives became poles apart in the nation’s first crisis of governing, Shays’ Rebellion. The Groton Riots, led by Job Shattuck, was...
The Prescott House, 170 Old Ayer Road, is currently owned by Indian Hill Music Center. Indian Hill has said that demolition of the historic building is under consideration, but that no decision has been made. The historic home houses murals by itnerant Coloinal-era artist J.D Poor, two of which...
You learn the strangest things at the gym. A gym-rat friend of ours drives one of those huge rigs that is just a huge tank on wheels. This man, sporting shoulder-length blond hair, worked in military intelligence for a number of years before his latest gig.     He makes bulk deliveries of Co2 all...


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