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Sustaining Advertisers: Lifeblood of The Herald

Many small-town weekly newspapers have folded in Massachusetts and across the nation. Some remaining newspapers have become ‘zombies,’ focusing on sensational news with dramatically reduced staffs, ignoring the week-in-week-out reporting of local politics and municipal happenings that are the beating heart of local newspaper coverage. Fortunately, the Groton Herald continues deep coverage of town politics and events while maintaining a tenable financial position, despite rising costs.
     One of the sources of financial stability is the Herald’s core of loyal advertisers. We are fortunate to have a number of advertisers who understand the brand-building value of advertising in the Herald, advertisers who also believing that supporting an independent press strengthens their business as well as the town.
     Such on-going support provides for the long-term viability of this newspaper. Many readers [and advertisers] have told us how important they believe a local newspaper is to Groton. Therefore, the Groton Herald is instituting a program to acknowledge our sustaining advertisers, advertisers whose business keeps the Herald publishing week-in and week-out.
     Advertisers who maintain a regular presence in the paper at a certain financial levels, are entitled to display the ‘sustainer’ logo in ads running in this newspaper as a sign to our readers of their support for the Groton Herald. Our hope is that this acknowledgement will encourage our readers to give particular preference to these advertisers when they go to purchase local service and will use word- of-mouth to promote and patronize these businesses.
     We encourage readers to patronize our advertisers, and to tell them you saw their ad in the Herald. Let them know their money is well spent! And if your favorite shop or vendor isn’t a Herald advertiser, ask them why not. Don’t they know the Herald is the best way to reach the Groton market?
     We still have many advertisers to contact, but in this issue, you will start seeing ads marked with the ‘sustainer’ symbol indicating that the advertiser has committed to a sustaining level of advertising and support for your home town newspaper.
     This change, along with continued strong support from loyal subscribers and advertisers, will help the Herald strengthen its financial position in the face of a challenging newspaper environment.
Look for the  S  Sustainer Logo
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