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REFLECTION: Massachusetts Republican Assembly: Americans Must Persuade, Not Intimidate

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (The Assembly) has become aware that, in protest to Governor Charlie Baker’s COVID-19 edicts, multiple groups unaffiliated with the Assembly have in the past, and intend in the future, to hold demonstrations directly across from the governor’s private home.
     The Republican Assembly does not condone the deliberate, implicit, or accidental intimidation of elected officials or their families at their place of residence.
     Brian Kennedy, President of the Assembly stated: “You cross a line when you announce to the world that you intend to demonstrate outside an elected official’s private home. That is the sort of tactic Antifa utilizes to terrify the loved ones of elected officials, who ultimately are not responsible for whatever policies are being protested.
     Americans must persuade, rather than intimidate politicians who make poor policy. Ineffective officials should be replaced via the ballot box at every opportunity.”
     The Assembly does not support Governor Baker’s most recent lockdown initiative which requires cloth mask usage in all public locations. It is imposed for an indefinite period of time, under no specific authorizing legislation, and attached to financial penalty for noncompliance. These measures place citizens in the difficult position of arguing their condition exempts them from an indiscriminate blanket policy. This is a total inversion of the proper Constitutional order.
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