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EDITORIAL: "The Chicken Coop" - A Symbol of DPW Frugality & Creativity

Groton’s DPW has a well-deserved reputation for Yankee frugality and thrift. This quality is perhaps best illustrated by a makeshift DPW structure one man calls ‘The Chicken Coop.’ The Chicken Coop is a makeshift structure built from scavenged materials used to hold salvaged equipment for extending the working life of expensive equipment like the town’s street sweeper. Since street sweepers only last a few years and are expensive, DPW Director Tom Delaney goes to other towns’ auctions, buys old equipment for pennies and then scabs parts off of the salvaged machines, thus keeping our equipment running for many more years. 

  The photo below is a masterpiece of the creative use of salvaged materials and ad-hoc construction techniques. The building’s siding was scavenged and the photo below shows that the rusted siding offers no-cost ventilation. The concrete beams were discards from the SanVel plant in Littleton, free for the taking.

   If anyone doubts that Groton’s DPW is doing everything they can to keep costs down and provide cost effective service to the town, let the Chicken Coop be the answer.

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