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EDITORIAL: The ‘Deep’ News: Sustaining Families Across Generations

For a deeper understanding of our town, readers should occasionally flip the Groton Herald over and read the back page first. Here you will find the 'deep' news, news beyond our usual understanding of 'news,' items that reveal our motivation for striving for a better town. Here you will find the People page.

  The People page is mostly listings of individual graduations, deans list achievements, Eagle Scout inductions, weddings, and other milestone achievements. 



    On the surface, it seems like pretty mundane stuff. Each listing is just a short, unequivocal statement of a significant accomplishment.  But, on another level, each item is a marker pointing at years of private family work, counsel and planning. If you doubt how seriously these People items are taken, I challenge you to take a phone call from a righteous mother or grandmother who feels she has been personally insulted by a misspelled family name or dropped listing.

   These mothers and grandmothers see their family listing as a small public sign of the private work, pain and triumph of families playing out their destiny in a world of unforgiving chance and – hopefully - forgiving family love.

  The achievements of each person listed on the People page are an affirmation of the town too. Each listing is an affirmation that we, as a town, are acheiving our highest goals.  Some people come to Groton to ‘mine’ a good educational value. But many who come for the education are surprised to find they want to stay for Groton’s complex, varied and sustaining community. 

    If Groton has a larger purpose, if Groton has a greater goal, if Groton has just one thing to be really proud of, it is this commitment to sustaining good families across generations.

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